Monday, June 18, 2012

gorgeous cup


hereby another gorgeous cup..well, we have around 80 stocks left and come and grab it fast while stock last.
interested email me.(:
btw, it can use as a door gift for wed!.just an idea.will let go for RM3(excluded postage)




Monday, June 4, 2012

many many thanks buyers~

Well Hi Dolls!(:
alhamdulillah everything went so well and of course thanks to those who email me. will send your things soon.insyaALLAH by tomorrow or day after tomorrow u all well get the stuffs .
once again many thanks!(:

Sunday, June 3, 2012

new: easy bags

well.assalamualaikum!:) gurls!

new items for sale..
bought from Indonesia.
bags where you can put your telekung,your make up.and anything else..if you all xnak guna then boleyh,easy kan?.price is RM 7. we have so many batek's corak and all of them are really gorgeous!(:
I bet u wont' regret to have it.well, I pun ada for myself and lots of my friends use it!(:
Material use : Kaen licin..jadi mmg easy to put everything here.

When bag full with stuff :)
if nak lipat.(:
ni time da carry ke mana2 saje..well of course nak letak dlm handbag pun muat!(: hee

B (*only yg ni ada tulisan yg laen suma xada tulis apa2)








apple essence ~ Aroma epal


Do you want to have apple's essence in ur own room?!..come grab this new item..gorgeous and the smell is so nice!(:
well original price is RM 9.90 and will let it go for RM5.
so, email me!:)

limited edition.only one left!(:

alcohol hand swab ~new item

afraid of germ?!.well,introduce u antibacterial hand gel with added scent.(:
new items!(:. just bought from US.price is $1.50 dollar. will let for RM3 for each bottle.original price is RM5.
so,what r u waiting for?.let's grab it!(:
only 3 scent left..

1) fresh market apple
2) caribbean escape 
3)peach bellini..  SOLD OUT

well,girls!.of course you won't regret to have it!:)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Preloved abaya, open front tapi saya dah jahit 
let go for RM100, grab cepat
corak dia lain sikit daripada yg ni

Preloved satin abaya

‎#preloved , baru sekali pakai time eid interested?bought imported from Dubai (RM200) sell at rm160 nego
 pm saya  kat email :
 Morroccan inspired hooded satiny abaya, trendy and suitable for the young, and the young-at-heart! Simple and affordable... simply irresistable!

Size: M (A shape)